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ERP Development Company

ERP Development Company

SPG TECHNOLOGIES provides complete solution of a company. SPG Technologies provide CRM+ERP in one software.  where customer can easily manage company work and customer work by  Manage Production, Estimate Project Cost, Delivery Chalan, Material Issue, BOM, GRN, Purchase Order, leads, Follow Up, Meetings ,Quotation, Order and delivery date, Invoicing, Target Vs Achievements,  


1) Production - ERP control complete process of production like material issue, finish good production. set ration of finish good production as compare as raw material. Easily track stage of production. 

2) Delivery Chalan - User can generate delivery chalan on the basis of finish good production. 

3) BOM (Bill of Materials) - User can easily estimated the required material and there quantity of a project.

4) Cost Estimation - User can save the average cost and required materials of different different project. so for any new order they can easily decide the average cost.

5) Design Upload - Engineer can upload the project design for future use.

6) Gate Pass -  Company can send product on demo by RGP (returnable gate pass). and after complete the demo received the product in company by RRGP (received returnable gate pass). So company can track the history of product movements.

7) Job Work - if any fault in product then company accept the product by job work. and decide the product repair product repair within company or outside the company. if repair out side then maintain this process by job work out side. and receive material from out side after repair. if product repair within company then company perform this operation by job work inside option 

8) Service Call Logs - if any type of service call then user can lock the complain in ERP and allocate the engineer on this service. Engineer visit on this complain and submit the report of complain.

9)  Material Issue - User can issue material in respect of BOM. 

10)  Finish Good Production- User can received the finish good after complete the production.

11)  Stock Transfer - User can transfer stock from one branch to another or one godown to another. 

CRM Features In ERP


1) Target Vs Achievements - Admin can set the target of employee and CRM automatically calculates   the employee achievements and ranks.

2) Lead Managements - User can add there lead in CRM. in lead manage CRM provides facility to add customer information like name, mobile ,address etc and      there requirements.

3) Meeting/Followup Managements - User can manage there meetings . CRM automatically inform today's meeting/Followup , this week meeting and Followup etc.

4) Order Managements - User can received and deliver order. CRM show the complete track of order process

5) Invoice Managements- User can generate invoice on a single click on orders. CRM generate and print the INVOICE automatically.

6) Employee Reporting's -  CRM provide facility to submit daily work reports. admin and sub-admin and team leader can easily track the work reports of all employee.

7) Purchase Order managements - CRM provide facility to generate purchase order and send to vendors.

8) Purchase Managements - CRM provide facility to purchase item from vendors and keep the track of purchase.

9) Progress Reports - CRM generate graphical progress reports of company and employee.

10) Reminders  - CRM generate reminders of today's, tomorrow meeting and followup. unattended meetings and  followups

11) Robotics( Auto email and SMS) - CRM automatically email  employee work report,complains and payment reports to admin and there responsible employee.